silver ipad within a clear case, shown with air-pods

Developed by Apple, the Ipad is a tablet computer. By scale, it is smaller than an average laptop but significantly larger than a smartphone. This device, has many benefits for its operator such as running third-party apps, which can be downloaded from Apple's App Store. As the screen is much larger than a smartphone, Ipads can include more user interface features that would not fit within an Iphone app. Therefore, the graphics and productivity are developed often. The Ipad, unlike an ordinary laptop does not include a keyboard or a trackpad, but instead has a touchscreen interface, which can be used to control the device. This can be advantageous for clients such as students and businessmen as it is travel-friendly and portable. The Ipad's screen size makes it ideal as an e-reader and has the useful app of Ibooks which allows you to download electronic versions of books from IBookstore. Books can be read one page at a time in both portrait and landscape mode. The Ipad has a colour screen, allowing it to support art books as well as children's stories. All Ipads, include Wi-Fi which can be used to surf the Web, checking emails. It also has a front-facing camera both rear-facing and front-facing. You can use this feature to FaceTime, Skype and Zoom call, loved ones as well as conferencing with other Ipad and Laptop users.