black and white ghd straightner with a box

The tool itself is a flat iron designed to originally straighten your hair with various heat settings. The heat-settings vary from 180-220 degrees assuring quality use for each individual hair types and textures. The straighteners have different merits to benefit the user. One, having a bright red light, to show the operator that the plate is hot and ready for use. Secondly, the straighteners have a 200cm cord, allowing the consumer to move further towards a mirror, which is beneficial for different heights and also if a plug is not accessible. The cord is rotatable, allowing the product to be more flexible. It is cleverly designed for the hot iron plate to be at the top, with a protective plate guard-ensuring the user to be safe when handling the product. It has an automatic timer- which switches off, after 60 minutes pre-cautioning no fires. Although this product was made purely to straighten- it has multi-functioning qualities that benefits the user. This includes, not only straightening, but also with experience, being able to curl and crimp the hair- which is cost efficient if a client cannot buy multiple tools. Straighteners come in several sizes depending on hair thickness and length. The tool is travel friendly and proficient.